Solar Generator Disadvantages

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Solar water heaters share some of the same advantages and disadvantages as a PV system. A bill approved by a state Senate committee would allow California consumers to choose electricity from a local solar power generator and receive credit on their electric bills for that portion of … Read Article

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Disadvantages of Wind Generators. The cost of using a wind generator is less than 5¢ per kWh. That’s about half the cost of solar power. Installation and initial investment for an RVer is significantly less for a wind generator, … Read Article

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Solar thermal energy (STE) is a technology for grounding networks, and motors for tracking and pumping fluids, as well as in the main generator and high voltage transformers. (See: Copper in However, there are also some disadvantages. Heat to electricity conversion requires moving … Read Article

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Solar panels and wind turbines are the best ways to produce environment friendly and free of cost electricity. A magnetic electricity generator has no disadvantages or threats to environment because once it starts, it works on the thrust of powers. … View Video