Solar Generator Process

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Solar Generator Process

News The Proof Of Interconnection Reform Is In The…Data
Interconnection reform is the hottest new dish on the regulatory menu. Discussions are currently ongoing in Illinois and North Carolina, following the path-charting decisions in Hawaii, California, Massachusetts and Ohio over the past two years. It’s no surprise either; reforming interconnection procedures that are no longer suitable for today’s ra … Read News

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News New Micro-Parallel Inverters Aim To Reduce System Costs, Improve Performance
Traditionally, there have been two main options for solar installation designers and engineers to convert DC to AC power: string inverters or micro inverters. Both present significantly different advantages and disadvantages for installers, with installation expenses varying up to 20 percent depending on the inverter selection. Either solution had drawbacks: what one would gain in convenience … Read News

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News MakerBot And NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab Announce Thingiverse Mars Base Challenge Winners
MakerBot and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory want to bring 3D printing to the Red Planet! While Mars is not yet home to humans, 3D printing using materials on Mars or resources brought from Earth would likely help future Mars explorers survive. … Read News