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News Dig The New Digs
As you walk into the main reception area in WCNY’s new building in downtown Syracuse, you are greeted by a host of colors that evoke the color bar test seen on television sets. Large windows dominate the walls around the clean, concrete floors. … Read News

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News Time To Consider Solar Net Metering Alternatives: Storage
The media has recently been full of stories about electric utilities being nervous and down right reactionary to adding solar (and wind) on the electric grid. On October 15th, The Huffington Post’s story on the Hawaii Electric Company (HECO) reported, “hundreds of Oahu customers have gotten burned in their transition to solar. They have gotten caught in limbo since September 6 when HECO changed … Read News

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News Big Corporations Embracing Microgrids: A Threat For Utilities?
Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison plans to build one to power the Hawaiian island he bought last year. EBay Inc. has one to run a data center. The University of California at San Diego and the federal government have invested tens of millions of dollars in the technology. … Read News