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News FPL Parent Company Plans Separate Business For Renewable-power Plants
The parent company of Florida Power & Light Co. is looking to form a separate publicly traded company to hold some of its large-scale renewable energy projects and possibly other assets. … Read News

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News Exelon CEO: 'We Are Not Asking The State For A Bailout'
Exelon Corp. is not seeking a bailout from Illinois to prop up its ailing nuclear power plants, Christopher Crane, chief executive of the energy company, said Wednesday in an interview with the Tribune. … Read News

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News Renewable Energy Policy In Europe Is Faltering: What Are The Lessons For The Rest Of Us?
By EDF Blogs By: Gavin Purchas , Policy Director, Clean Energy, and Eric Gimon, Philanthropist Fântânele-Cogealac Wind Farm, Romania For those of you who are avid viewers of the TV show, “House,” you are probably all too familiar with Dr. House’s chaotic yet extremely effective style. He solves cases and achieves fame and notoriety, while those working with him try to learn valuable lessons … Read News